About the Tool

Welcome to the interactive tool designed to help you distinguish between bees, wasps, and particularly identify the presence of varroa mites on bees. This tool uses a fine-tuned ResNet RS 350 model, leveraging the bee_dataset available through TensorFlow datasets.

How It Works:

  1. Upload an Image: You can drag and drop or browse to upload an image of a bee or wasp.
  2. Run Prediction: Once the image is uploaded, click 'Run Prediction' to get the analysis.
  3. View Results: The tool will display whether a wasp is present, and crucially, if there are varroa mites detected on a bee.

Varroa Mites - A Threat to Bees:

Varroa mites are tiny, parasitic mites that can be detrimental to bee colonies. They attach to bees, weakening them by feeding on their body fluids, and can spread viruses. Detecting these mites early is vital for the health of bee populations, which are crucial pollinators in our ecosystems.

Sample Images from the Dataset:

Regular Bee Bee with Varroa Mite Wasp

Explore The Dataset and Model: For those interested in the technical details, explore the dataset analysis and model fine-tuning process in the tech_challenge.ipynb on this GitHub page.

Image Upload

Drag & Drop Image Here or Browse

Prediction server is currently offline. Please email spencer.hayes@meiacademy.com to request a demo.